Cognitive Ergonomics &
    Systems Engineering
Cognitive Ergonomics

Cognitive Ergonomics

Cognitive ergonomics, also known as cognitive engineering, focuses on understanding the perceptual and cognitive processes required of people in various work environments. The goal is to design the work to "fit" the user.

Cognitive Ergonomics

Systems Engineering

Systems engineering is an interdisciplinary approach to develop and maintain a successful system. To this end, we focus on understanding various complex systems, e.g. those found in healthcare, aviation, military operations, driving, to inform the design of displays and interfaces.

Cognitive Ergonomics

Humans & Technology

Human-technology interaction involves the study of:

  1. Understanding how people use technology
  2. The design of displays and interfaces.

The goal is to streamline the information transfer between the user and technology.

January 2018

Dr. Nadine Moacdieh Visits Lab

Dr. Nadine Moacdieh visited the lab.

December 2017

Dr. Riggs to Receive NSF CAREER Award

Dr. Riggs' NSF CAREER proposal has been recommended for funding!! Be on the lookout for more information in the near future :-).

Kylie Gomes Passes Comprehensive Exam

Kylie Gomes passed her comprehensive exam. Congratulations Kylie!

Dr. Riggs Gives Seminar

Dr. Riggs is the invited colloquium seminar speaker for the Industrial and Systems Engineering Department at the University of Wisconsin. Her talk is titled, "Towards the Development of Adaptive Multimodal Displays".

November 2017

Kylie Gomes' Work Accepted

Kylie Gomes' work on "The Evaluation of Tactile Technology for Continuous Informing Displays in Anesthesia" is accepted as an oral presentation to the HFES 2018 International Symposium on Human Factors and Ergonomics in Healthcare. Congratulations Kylie!

October 2017

Riggs Lab Presents at Conference

Shannon Devlin, Kylie Gomes, and Dr. Riggs present work at the HFES conference.

August 2017

New Lab Members

Jenny Byham and Haley Meier join the lab. Welcome!

Dr. Riggs Receives Accolades

Dr. Riggs is an invited speaker at the 2017 APA Convention in Washington D.C. and accepts the 2016 APA George E. Briggs Dissertation Award (best doctoral dissertation in applied experimental/engineering psychology).